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Luxuryia is an online store designed to make consciously created luxury apparel available to our customers. Our team is comprised of individuals that strive to live mindful lives. We believe that life is meant to be lived fully, always considering how our choices impact the welfare of humanity and the environment.

We are the change we’d like to see in the world and this is why we only represent artists who design, produce and/or collect luxurious “ethical fashion”.


ethical fashion   /ˈeTHək(ə)l/ ˈfaSHən/

adjective / noun

Also known as green, eco or sustainable fashion, is part of the growing trend of creating more sustainable, environmentally friendly and ethical apparel. A designer, brand or company that is referred to as an ethical fashion business can be one of the following:

1. Environmentally conscious:
    • Producing with sustainable fabrics— ex. organic cottons, hemp, bamboo, linen and organic wool or recycled materials

    • Producing through environmentally friendly processes— ex. with alternative or renewable energy, minimizing the use of water, reducing the pollution generated by the production, reducing or eliminating the use of hazardous chemicals, etc.

2. Socially conscious:
    • Production following fair labor standards [ supply chain due diligence ]: making sure worker’s basic human rights are protected against: exploitative labour, unhygienic surroundings, bad food, etc.

    • Activism against: human trafficking and child labour

    • Fair trade certified: fair prices are paid to workers in developing countries

    • Animal cruelty-free or “vegan”

3. Vintage [recycled]: 

High-quality item that due to it’s sustainability can be passed down ( ex. through family, thrift or vintage stores ).




From the owner of an established boutique in Milan to a small group of women designing and producing bags on a small village in Peru, we strive to support our artists by fostering their business with our marketing expertise.

In order to stay to true to our brand’s commitment of only promoting ethical fashion, we asked that you are transparent about your production processes and supply chain. We do not require a designer or artist to adhere to all the “ethical standards” outlined above. We understand this is currently too much to ask. We do require adherence to at least one of the three categories and a public pledge that they will continue to do business in an ethical manner and further more that they will consistently try to improve their ethical standards without compromising quality. Also note that before we partner with a designer or artist, we conduct a business background check and they are asked to sign an agreement.

With the help of ethical designers, artists and consumers, we hope to make shopping a more mindful experience.

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